Palermo’s authentic Street Food


The city’s frenetic markets and down-to-earth street stalls offer an authentic taste of Sicilian culture, featuring flavours that range from the familiar (pizza-like sfincione) to the exotic (chickpea fritters with minty potato croquettes) to the downright daring (spleen sandwiches and skewered entrails, anyone?). Sfincione is a Palermo street food staple. Image by Scott Wlener / […]

Best Street Food in Istanbul


Since the foundation of the city, street vendors have played an important role in urban culture and city life. There are numerous types of mouthwatering street food in Istanbul, as you would expect from such a rich culinary culture. Below are some of the most popular. Simit Otherwise known as a Turkish bagel and as the Ottoman’s first […]

The Best Street Food Spots in Rome


Food comes naturally to the Italian people, especially in this ancient city, and street food is no exception. Here are our top ten best street food spots to try while in Rome. Pizza & Mortazza For a quick bite on your way to the Colosseum, try Pizza & Mortazza. Mortazza – Roman slang for mortadella, the […]