5 Awesome Food Trucks in L.A.

Los Angeles

In a city as sprawling as Los Angeles, food trucks offer a vital oasis for hungry travelers in search of a quick bite or late-night snack. From tacos to pizza, hot dogs to grilled cheese, there are plenty of excellent options when it comes to grabbing a bite on the go. We’ve rounded up our […]

Street Food, Safe Food?

Street Food

With more food trucks popping up all around the U.S., the question of whether or not their food is safe to eat has become more important. A study by the Institute for Justice titled “Street Eats, Safe Eats: How Food Trucks and Carts Stack Up to Restaurants on Sanitation” researched over 260,000 food and safety inspection […]

Top 10 Street Foods in Singapore


Singapore may be among the world’s smallest countries, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with an astonishing culinary variety.  Here are 10 street foods that shouldn’t be missed.   Street Food © travel oriented   Frog Porridge Don’t be put off by the name – frog porridge is one of the […]

Must Eat Foods When Visiting Cairo

Egypt is well-known for a lot of things: the Sphinx, the Pyramids, happy camels, pharaohs, hieroglyphics and the walk like an Egyptian dance. Yeah right. Egyptians don’t dance like that. Despite the fact that the average person is extremely familiar with all of the above, most people that haven’t visited Egypt don’t know much about […]

Palermo’s authentic Street Food


The city’s frenetic markets and down-to-earth street stalls offer an authentic taste of Sicilian culture, featuring flavours that range from the familiar (pizza-like sfincione) to the exotic (chickpea fritters with minty potato croquettes) to the downright daring (spleen sandwiches and skewered entrails, anyone?). Sfincione is a Palermo street food staple. Image by Scott Wlener / […]

14 Amazing Tokyo Street Foods


Street food culture is less prevalent in Japan compared to other Asian countries like Thailand or Taiwan. While regular night markets are relatively uncommon, Japanese food vendors take to the streets in packs during the hundreds of festivals which take place across the country each year, with some vendors moving from city to city every […]

Best Street Food in Istanbul


Since the foundation of the city, street vendors have played an important role in urban culture and city life. There are numerous types of mouthwatering street food in Istanbul, as you would expect from such a rich culinary culture. Below are some of the most popular. Simit Otherwise known as a Turkish bagel and as the Ottoman’s first […]