Lady in Johannesburg!


Johannesburg doesn’t get many visitors. Most people that fly into the airport are either in transit or traveling to one of the famous South Africa safari destinations like Kruger National Park. The city is best known to outsiders as being a dangerous, crime-ridden zone. I was no stranger to the stereotypes of Johannesburg when I […]

Top 10 Street Foods in Singapore


Singapore may be among the world’s smallest countries, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with an astonishing culinary variety.  Here are 10 street foods that shouldn’t be missed.   Street Food © travel oriented   Frog Porridge Don’t be put off by the name – frog porridge is one of the […]

Exploring Dubai


I didn’t know what to feel when my father announced that the family was going on a trip to Dubai over the Christmas holidays. The truth is Dubai has never been anywhere near my travel radar, which is why I had no idea what to expect. So it’s a bit ironic (in a good way) […]

Best Street Food in Istanbul


Since the foundation of the city, street vendors have played an important role in urban culture and city life. There are numerous types of mouthwatering street food in Istanbul, as you would expect from such a rich culinary culture. Below are some of the most popular. Simit Otherwise known as a Turkish bagel and as the Ottoman’s first […]

The Best Street Food Spots in Rome


Food comes naturally to the Italian people, especially in this ancient city, and street food is no exception. Here are our top ten best street food spots to try while in Rome. Pizza & Mortazza For a quick bite on your way to the Colosseum, try Pizza & Mortazza. Mortazza – Roman slang for mortadella, the […]