Miami Travel Diary


Recently I was in Miami which if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram then you will definitely know that. I considered writing a Miami travel guide but I was there on business not just to hang out. So I took a bit of time when I was free to go out for fun dinners and check out some sights and I thought I would share them with you.

Hopefully they will help you on a future trip, even if this isn’t a full guide.

Looking back at these photos I’m reminded of what a dream this trip was. I barely slept for a week and was working like crazy but honestly it was so much fun. Then the last day when I was able to dip over to South Beach for a bit I was so shocked by how much it looked like a movie. With the palm tree lined path, next to people playing volleyball and the beach covered in those classic lifeguard huts – I felt like I was in a movie.

My pictures are very stilted but I’ll try to explain them as best as I can.







Let’s start by talking about food. So as I said I was in Miami for work, which meant I wasn’t going out every night. But we did have an AMAZING meal at the InterContinental one night and I would highly recommend you go to their restaurant. But we also headed to a Southern restaurant called Yardbird that was nothing less than life changing.

It was so good, we went back for a second time. The first night I had some of their biscuits and chicken and waffles. I also had a blackberry bourbon lemonade, which is net to my friend’s tipsy debutante (best name for a drink ever). Then we shared deep fried oreos which were insane. The second time I got shrimp and grits. Everything was amazing.



I do have 1500 photos of the hotel, but none that I’m going to include here because they were for work purposes. This is a photo of the view from the hotel. We stayed at the InterContinental in downtown Miami which was so much fun.




One night I went to a party at the Little Havana in Miami. We were at the Ball and Chain, such a fun Cuban restaurant and bar, definitely check it out. And look at this amazing movie theatre across the street!



One the last day, my flight wasn’t until 10pm so I was able to head out to South Beach for the day. The lifeguard huts were so cool to see in person and just the general laid back vibe of the strip. But you could see hints how crazy it gets there at night and all the clubs. Definitely want to head back to go to that strip at night.

We had a drink and some lunch and the drinks were bigger than my head – just crazy. After lunch we went to check out the Versace Mansion where he was shot. You can’t go inside unless you’re a guest of the hotel and you’re only allowed to take pictures from the sidewalk was still cool to see in real life.

It’s definitely a flashy city though, with old fashioned cars and fancy new ones lining the streets. I snapped a few pictures.

You can also check out my instagram if you want to see some more of what I got up to. Now I’m off to watch the Oscars! Got to finish up making my churro popcorn and see which of my picks win. Let me know if you like this style of post as sometimes I jet off somewhere but am not able to take guide-style photos.

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